Clone Wars - Covert Ops

Covert Ops - Infiltration

Part 1

We are counting on you for this one. The droid cruiser has vital information for the ongoing war effort against the Separatists. Our frigates will engage the enemy vessel, and under the confusion your strike team will infiltrate the ship and recover any intelligence data you can find. You will need to make your way to the datacore of the ship. This R3 unit will be with you, it can hack into the enemy system and pull down anything you need. We do not have any plans for this vessel, so we cannot even say where the datacore is, but the R3 should be able to find any maps and directions you need. Find a dataport, allow R3 to find what you need to continue on the next part of the mission. Also, we will be sending a small team of clone troopers with you, lead by Captain Argus. They will draw any droid attention away from you. Good luck.

Captain Argus uses the clone commando stats. Very tough unit indeed! I used the R3 unit as a pacing mechanism, as this first scenario was to be very combat heavy with a lot of random skill checks thrown in to get the boys used to playing. Each time they found a dataport R3 would jack into it and start a data dump. Each round, I chose one of the kids to roll a “use computer” check (DC 25). Each successful roll was followed by a D6, to determine how far along the R3 was in the datadump, when this total hit 10, the R3 would then zip off to another part of the ship. Each round that they had to make a check, there was a chance of some “wandering droids” stumbling upon the party.

Our intredpid heroes wait patiently on a Republic shuttle that is going to serve . The approach is rough, the pilot is good though and dodges the enemy fighters. however the rough going made the jedi a bit ill. All characters made a CON check (TN 10), the Jedi failed it and spent most of the game with a bout of nausea, suffering a -1 to all rolls until he could shake it. Much to the merriment of the younger two players! The oldest was game, he’d act like he was ready to retch every time his character had to speak.

The Republic craft finally made it through the defenses, but not without a price. Just as the ship was about to land a stray shot slammed into the fragile troop carrier. The pilot held true though, and the ship landed with a violent “CRUNCH”. Exiting the ship, the players noticed that the impact killed the pilot and co-pilot, and the ship was now unusable. Everyone disembarked and entered the droid ship, proper. Shortly after exiting the hangar the party came under fire from a squad of battle droids, augmented by super battledroids. The clone commander shouted that his squad will hold here, and push on if they can, and that the part better get a move on!

This also came as part of the pacing mechanism, the party would recieve updates from the commander periodically. Obviously, things seem to be okay at first, but then the clone troopers start to take casualties as the story progressed, forcing the boys to take bolders more decisive action.

The party then had to follow the R3 unit around the ship, each time it would find a dataport the droid would jack in and perform some data mining. It was important that they had to move around a lot, since sitting in one place for too long was a great way to get pinned down! Through out these running fights the poor wookie took quite a few hits, he made such a great target.

Each time the droid would find a ‘port the boys would take turns making a DC25 use computer skill check. For each successful check, they’d roll another D6 to determing how successful the mining was. Once this total reached 10, the droid would then zip off to another part of the ship. However, each turn they had to wait there was a 1 in 3 chance that a small droid patrol would find them! This happened each time.
However, for each encounter I upped the stakes. First fight was just 2 droids, then the next 3, then 4, then 3 plus a super battle droid that used cover. Just to get them used to thinking tactically after a bit, rather than standing in the open blasting away at each other.

During one of these data mining sessions the boys found a small store room that contained a few blaster pistols, some scrap and a credit chit for 180 credits. You’d think they hit a gold mine with how excited they were about that. The other significant part is the Jedi was finally able to over come the nauseous condition…messily.

when JT finally made a DC15 check to the Jedi’s CON he wandered over to the far side of the room and acted like he was getting sick, wandered back over and said “Okay…sigh…that’s better”.

Getting closer, the party was pinned down at a set of elevators. They had to hold off a large wave of battle droids for 4 turns while waiting for the elevators to arrive! The Jedi did not want to get too far ahead of the team, with some able fire from the scout and soldier they managed to hold off the droids.

I decided the Jedi had to do something in this fight!

A droid happened to be in the elevator as well. That fights was over quickly and pretty one-sided. The ship then started to rock hard, and explosions heard deep down. Ship taking obvious damage!

They finally get off the elevator to the core. The boys decide to try and hide in the core room while R3 attempted the data dump (DC 30, progress was slow…very slow…). Attacked by multiple waves of droids, including 1 human mercenary (who will be a reoccuring character) the brave warriors repelled the attacks, and pushed the droids back. The Hhman ran off in the middle of the fight down a side-corridor near the elevators, only to return with half dozen more droids!! The wookie was severely injured, and the jedi was hurting as well, the droid was nearly shot a couple times, highlighting it’s importance and vulnerability. When all seemed lost the 2 surviving clone troopers (including the commander) arrived from the elevators and took out most of the droids. After a quick exchange the human merc drops one of the troopers and vanished back deeper into the ship. the ship is severely rocking at this point from multiple internal exposions…the jedi took 1 pt of damage from being flung around so much!

With the clone commander the team headed up a couple decks to the hangar deck. They ran into yet another patrol, but dealt with it quickly. The team found a smaller hangar with a personal shuttle, and since their landing craft was wrecked decided they should take it. As the door slid open, they find the human merc waiting for them, who quick draws his pistol and guns down the clone commander.

The jedi used his “move object” force power and flung the merc away who was knocked senseless. Before they could finish him off, the ship rocked again and the party quickly jumped onboard the shuttle. As Kohl fired up the engines the owner of the ship arrives with a squad of droids who open up on the shuttle!! After a few quick piloting check, Kohl manuevered the vessel out of the hanger, only scraping the top of the ship…sheering off the communications antennae.

Which I use in the later session!

They escape with the vital intellegence, however they had a couple droid fighters on their tail and with some fancy maneuvering by Koel (and luck…and some close calls), they delay the inevitable. The separatist ships explodes and the droid fighters stop manuevering…dead in the water. Huzzah!

Their triumph was short lived as they notice the dead hulks of the three Republic frigates.

Realizing they have a short ranged shuttle and a need to find something bigger and to get the info to the Republic the team plots a course to the nearest planet of Tellasain. In hopes of a ship or communications…that information must get back to the Republic!



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