Clone Wars - Covert Ops

Covert Ops - Hard Landing

Part 2

The approach to Tellasain was rough, really rough. The crate they stole was pretty beaten up, and once they hit atmosphere it really started to show. That’s not the rough part though…when the ship approached the single space port a voice crackeled over the comm:
“Incoming shuttle, identify yourself.”

During this time, I had Kurt (playing Koel) make multiple piloting checks to keep the shuttle from flying apart at the seams.

Kan’aris picked up the transmitter and responded: “We are on a peaceful mission and request clearance to land…”
Again, the voice came back over the comm, heavy static: “Incoming shuttle, identify yourself immediately, we have defenses tracking you now.”

I had the boys each make a perception test…all of which failed

Kan’aris (Jon) tried again…and was cut off: “Incoming shuttle, you have 5 seconds to identify yourself or we will open fire.”

Jon finally made a perception check…and it dawned on him that the damage they took damaged the comm systems

“Koel! Pull up and go!!” shouted Kan’aris as the AA guns of the port opened fire…

more piloting checks for Kurtis! They take only a glancing blow, but it was enough…

Shuttle smoking, the team desperately scans for a landing zone! Tellasain is a heavily forested planet, but they find a spot 100 kilometers out from the port. Koel struggled with the shuttle…

more and more piloting checks…and faster, I was describing their helter-skelter descent as the tree-tops rushed up to the shuttle, snapping limbs, tree tops!

With a sickening crunch Koel drops the shuttle into the clearing, making an obvious furrough through the tree tops. The party was thrown around the cabin, the luckless Jedi getting hurt yet again, and well as the wookie. Only the pilot thought to strap in.

The group was able to get a rough fix on what direction the spaceport was. They figured on 3 different routes.

My first “open option” to them, a river route, through the woods, or strike out to a nearby road. Any route lead to a combat situation, but what kind greatly depended upon the route.

After some talk and friction, the Jedi made a command decision to strike north to the river and follow it to the spaceport. The wookie favored the road…the scout didn’t care, as long as he got to shoot something. Before they left the wreckage, the wookie found some survival gear stashed inside the shuttle, as well as a credit chip worth 300 credits. The trip to the river was uneventful, so they struck north-west following it’s meandering path. After a few hours of travel the woods thinned out, and they noticed a camp. Suspicious, and not quite sure what to expect or find, the party hid. They tried to sneak closer…first the wookie…then scout…then the Jedi tripped on a tree root and fell with strangled cry. The camp sentries, who’s attention was else where, rush over to apprehend him.

He seriously blew his stealth check, with a 1!!! I wasn’t about to keep him out of action for long though…

With an unflattering comment about Jedi stealth, the scout set up position with his long rifle while the wookie moved around the same outcropping to get closer to the camp. They noticed another prisoner in a long flowing cloak, bound hands and feet, which the brigands began to do to the slightly dazed Kan’aris. As the apparent brigand leader began to interrogate the Jedi, Koel opened fire and a wookie charged…through a tent.

At least Eric thought it was a good idea at the time!!

Koel continued his steady fire, taking down one goon, wounding another. The ruckus in the tent started to draw attention, especially after another goon was thrown from it!! A small group of brigands began making their way to the outcropping, hoping to flank the sniper. The leader of the brigands decided to check out the tent…and fell back startled at the sight of the 7 foot tall wookie and fired…missing the shaggy soldier. Rhokan un-slung his bow-caster, but in his haste pulled the trigger too soon and knocked out the tent support. The heavy canvas fell upon the hapless wookie, effectively trapping him.

Really bad shooting rolls, and I thought it would add some element of black comedy to the fight, Eric thought it was great! I had him make a strength check roll (DC 15) every turn to free himself. More bad rolls plagued him…so I was forced to pull out a few tricks

The scout kept up his stead stream of fire, dropping another goon. However, he realized his position was in peril so abandoned it. During his sprint to find more (or different) cover, Koel took a few hits, but kept running.

During this time, the R3 unit was making it’s way around the whole encampment, and with the brigands occupied, made it’s way over to the two captives. With it’s cutter, the R3 unit freed Kan’aris. Who in turn freed the other captive.

The hood fell from the captives face, revealing the trademark vestigal horns of a Zabrak. Ke’oshi was not amused and ready for vengeance. Wordlessly she pummeled one of the guards with pure Force. Kan’aris’s jaw stood open in shock.

I liked the dramatic entrance that my wife (Kas) made with her character. Not a word and just started to kick ass.

With the wookie still trapped, and now Koel pinned down. It was up to the Jedi. Using a surge of force, Ke’oshi nimbly flipped over the nearby guards and grabbed her lightsaber that was carelessly tossed to the ground by the brigand leader, and launched her attack. For some reason, Kan’aris fancied himself a gunslinger, pulled out his hidden blaster pistol and proceeded to miss with every shot. Frantic firing came from the south…then silence. Koel had been neutralized. With a roar of frustration the wookie was free of the canvas and flung himself at the nearest brigand.

Decent timing…Kurt’s character was in cover, but the brigands decided to shoot very well with several critical hits to boot. He would have died, but spent a Force Point to just spiral to unconsciousness…as he himself fell asleep from his medication.

The fight was short lived with the Jedi free, and the remaining brigands fled. The team did manage to secure one prisoner though.

After some introductions, Ke’oshi revealed she was sent to the fringe to hunt down rumors of Sith involvement. Those rumors proved to be more than that…



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